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Common questions

Can I rent kayaks from you?

Yes, as long as you are member of our Club. Read mor about club on the designited page. For a one time rental only we recommend our friends at Seakayak Billdal.

Will you add more tour dates soon?

Most of our guided tours are initiated by ou costumers. Drop us a email and ask for at speciffic day and time and we will do our best to meed this request. The tour will often be publiched and bookable within hours from the request. We only require one costumer to add the tour to our list. Most welcome!

When I try to pay a activity on your site with my card, the card is declined. Whats is wrong?

Please check that the card is valid for purchase online. May be your card is new and needs to be activated at your online bank.

Can I launch my own kayak at your dock?

No our dock is for our activities, club members and their trip company only.

What kind of cloths do I need when paddling at Escape?

Dress as for a brisk walk in the current weather. Bring along something a bit warmer to put on if we take a break on one of the islands. Pack the extra cloths in a plastic bag.

What are your opening hours?

We do not have any fixed opening times but are at the center when we have booked courses and trips. If you wish to meet us please contact us to book a day and time that fits us booth.

How do I log in to your website?

On the top of the page you see: "Log in". Fill in your username and password here. Your username is the email adress you used when you made your first booking.

I don't have my password for the login. Can you email me my password?

We do not store any passwords. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it. Klick the little "i" in the top right corner of the page and follow the instructions.

I am a member. Where do I find club-info where the current codes are?

When you are logged in you click on your username on the top of the page and then on "club-info" on the left side menu.

I have a kayak storage slot that I dont need any more. How do I cancel my contract?

You can cancel your storage slot by logging in, click your username and then "Kayak Storage". Here you see your storage contracts and can cancel if you wish to.

I am a member and want to take my friend(s) kayaking. Can I as a member rent more than one kayak?

You can rent more than one kayak and bring your friends on a kayaking tour. You are personally responsible for all equipment during the rental time and for cleaning and putting everything back where it belongs in time for the next paddler.

If I book a activity and then become sick, can I move my booking to another day?

We have choosen to provide a flexible booking option with a attached charge of 15% at booking. If you have choosen this option for your booking you can, up until 24 hours befor the activity starts, choose to rebook the activity to another day or get a refund of the activity cost.

I have booked a activity and now a family member is seriously ill. Can I get a refund?

No. We have choosen a policy not to grant any returns of fees regardless of reason for not showing up. The reason is that we can not make fair judgements of the validity of the reasons and dont want all costumers to have to pay for all the extra cost and work that goes in to the administration of returns and rebooking.

What is Flex-booking?

Flex-booking is a sort of cancellation insurance. More about it in this (Swedish) film.